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Friday, February 26, 2010

Cute wallpapers of Seagulls Birds video pictures posters photos collection

Cute bird Seagulls in water photographs

Cute pair of Seagulls Birds photo gallery

Funny pose of Seagulls video pics
Seagulls Birds flying images collection

Wallpapers of Seagulls Birds

Cute funny animals photographs of Golden-crowned sifaka video pics

The golden-crowned sifaka feeds on a wide variety of mostly unripe fruit, seeds, nuts, shoots, young and mature leaves and flowers. During the dry season when food is scarce the sifakas might feed on bark.

Video pics,Details of Tatzelwurm photographs

The Tatzelwurm is a mysterious cryptid that makes its home in the Alps. Though sighting of the creature are uncommon the Tatzelwurm has managed to become a beast of legend in the local communities and has amassed a variety of different alias’s such as Stollenwurm, Daazelwurm, Arassas, Praatzelwurm, Springwurm and Bergstutzen. Reports of this mysterious creature vary in description, some sighting claim the Tatzelwurm to be lizard-like while others more bizarrely claim the features of a cat.

A common description of the enigmatic Tatzelwurm is that of a creature between 2 and 6 feet, completely covered in scales and with no hind legs but rather a long snake like body. The Tatzelwurm has 2 front legs and is said to have very big bright eyes and feline like ears which some witness’s claim gives the Tatzelwurm the appearance of a cat covered in scales rather than fur. Another notable feature is that the Tatzelwurm can apparently expel poisonous fumes that are strong enough to kill a human.

Le tatzelwurm ou ver à pattes
Dans les Alpes autrichiennes, une sorte de lézard avec deux pattes ridicules, de 90 cm de long est observé occasionnellement dans les grottes et sous-bois.

Different view photographs of colorfull flamingos birds wallpapers images photos collection

flamingos flying photos

Color full Group of flamingos in waters birds

cute pictures of pink flamingos birds posters

flamingos making a heart in love wallpapers

Light dark red orange pink white flamingos birds video pics

flamingos Eating in water photos

Flamingos are one of the more gregarious of birds. They are wading birds to be more precise, found in both Eastern and Western Hemisphere, but are far more well known and more numerous in the eastern hemisphere.
There are six times of Flamingo: Greater, Lesser, chilean, James’s, Andean, and America. Each breed looks slightly different in coloring and markings and found in different locations in the world.


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