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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wonderful loaches Varieties aquarium fishes

Care: This is a wonderful loach, but too large for most hobbyist aquariums. Allowed a minimum of 75 gallons or more, young Clown Loaches thrive in groups. They require large turnover, efficient filtration systems and current supplied by additional power-heads, frequent water-changes and great attention to cleanliness in the aquarium.

The tank should have subdued lighting, a soft, preferably sand substrate, and numerous hiding places provided made from rock-work or driftwood. Plants should be strong and resilient because large Clowns can be hard on them. They may uproot them, or punch holes in the leaves. Plant species must be capable of low-light environments.

Clowns are somewhat nocturanal in nature and often very lively in the early morning and after dusk. The addition of a blue moon light tube, or some other form of blue lighting, phased to come on before the main lights, and go off after them, will allow the owner to observe the fish at their most liveliest and entertaining. This will also avoid the fish being shocked by a sudden change in brightness.

Some people wish to keep Clown Loaches in aquaria housing Rift-Lake Cichlids. There are multiple reasons why this should not be done. See: Why Loaches Should Not Be Kept With Malawi Cichlids
Feeding: Defrosted frozen bloodworms, white mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, etc; chopped prawns are appreciated by larger fish; manufactured sinking wafers (algae, carnivore wafers...), fresh or blanched vegetables such as cucumber, zuchinni, lightly boiled peas. Other keepers have had success with foods such as watermelon and banana, quality flake food. Will enjoy nibbling at soft or fine leaved aquatic plants.

Water parameters: pH 6.5 - 7.0, Hardness: aim for softer water, Maximum DH: 12

Temperature: 78ºF to 83ºF (25-30°C)

Breeding: No confirmation of natural breeding in the aquarium. Some forced reproduction through the use of hormones on fish farms in the tropics is rumoured. It is known that they are raised by such methods in the Czech Republic.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

about blue discus family fishes and wallpapers

This group of fishes got its name due to the disc-shaped body. Discuses are rather peaceful fishes, a little bit passive, fearful, and very sensitive to any change in the medium that may be fatal for them. They can be found in relatively deep stony back-waters and rivers; they usually hide in lees or among roots. It is a schooling fish but during spawning it shows the territorial behavior. It feeds on insect larvae, plankton invertebrata. During their first days of life the hutchlings feed on epithelial secretion of their parents that is exuded from the fish side, later on they feed on small animal plankton. The male usually takes care of the breed. Sometimes the pair starts quarrelling for the right to take care of the hutchlings.

These fishes are one of the most popular aquarium fishes known in Russia since 1957. As a result of the aimed selection work there were grown different colour variations that did not exist in the nature.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

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